UX Designer & Front End Developer


Some selected accolades.


2017 Spirit Award - BKV

2017 Best Home Page Award - 48in48


There are plenty of designers out there with development chops. And there are developers with a keen design aesthetic. Nathan is neither of those. He is so much more. Nathan is a problem solver. And whether he reaches first for his sketch pad and pencil, or his code editor, is immaterial. Rather it is his approach that you will find both rare and refreshing. He is driven by an insatiable curiosity. An honest desire to help. To advance the work. To contribute. And to grow others in the process. Bottom line: If you have the chance to work with Nathan, take it. I did, and I'm the better for it.

- Todd Chambers, Creative Director at Moonraft Innovation Labs


I am so pleased to have an opportunity to write a recommendation for Nathan Skinner. My non profit organization, STEAMsport, Inc. participated in 48in48, an event where professional developers come together to create websites for small non profit organizations. Nathan served as our website developer and create an dynamic website for us, winning Best Home Page at the Atlanta 48in48 event. Nathan didn't stop at just creating our site, he continued to provide development support including additional forms, site design and more plugins. Our website traffic doubled with the new clean look created by Nathan. Over 3 months later Nathan still provides STEAMsport, Inc. with website maintenance and design free of charge while beginning to provide web design instruction to our students from underserved communities. I can't thank Nathan enough for his passion and dedication to supporting the next generation of technologist from underserved communities.

- William Oliver, STEAMsport, Inc.


Nathan is an absolute all-star. He has a strong design aesthetic, impressive coding skills and a quick, creative mind that is both strategic and tactical. He comes to solutions quickly and can create just about anything. He is the first to lend a hand, first to volunteer and the last to leave. I am very impressed by his dedication to his work.

More importantly, he is a genuinely kind and caring person. He doesn't just support his team; he lifts them up and helps them to succeed. I have great respect for Nathan and would recommend him to anyone.

- John Witte, Associate Creative Director at DRUM